Custom domain A record

Hi, I want to add custom domain to my netlify website. Currently on this domain there is hosted wordpress website by my local hosting services provider. In order to connect my netlify website to this custom domain I was advised to change only A record in their system (I have email accont there and cannot loose it, so they said that this is the only option). Could you advise me if my understanding is correct. In order to preceed I have to add my custom domain to my account and then just change A record in my local provider platform for load balancer’s IP address I would be very grateful for the help.

Hi Waldi,

did you give this a read through already?

If you search for “custom domain” in these forums you will find lots of posts dealing with this, but if you can’t make it work please post again with more information, such as what you already tried, what is currently happening, and what your netlify name is, thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks I read it and also got response from the support what to do ;).


sounds good, if you still have concerns, come back. :slight_smile: