Creating a Subdomain

I have a site “” registered with Godaddy and hosted on Netlify, and would like to create a subdomain “” - Can I get some pointers on how to go about this?

Thanks in advance

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+1 for this question— I know there’s documentation to created subdomains for branched deploys. I’m not sure what @ChrisB007 is trying to do, but I’d like to create a subdomain that I want to be managed by Shopify.

So I’d like to be connected to my Shopify store but I’d like netlify to manage I’m also using Netlify to manage my DNS, not my registrar.

Hi folks!

Subdomains on your custom domains are absolutely possible - we recommend you start here with our docs:

If you have specific issues getting your subdomains to work, please come back and provide as much information as possible so we can assist. Thanks!

Thanks. I actually figured it out soon after I posted. Shopify gives you instructions on how to connect a subdomain and I just entered that into a new CNAME record on the netlify DNS settings and it works.

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