Creating A Deploy via API

I’ve tried to deploy the site and then upload the files via api as documented here:

However when I create the upload with the same body as the example, I’m only returned the required functions and not the required files. I’ve tried changing the example to no avail.

Here’s the relevant response:

required"=>[], "required_functions"=>["708b029d8aa9c8fa513d1a25b97ffb6efb12b423"]

and the json I sent:

"files": {"/index.html": "708b029d8aa9c8fa513d1a25b97ffb6efb12b423"}, "functions": {"hello-world": "708b029d8aa9c8fa513d1a25b97ffb6efb12b423"}

Any ideas?

can you provide your Netlify instance name please?

My team name is ardensol, is that what you’re looking for?

The site is:

Checked again this morning, still seem to be having the issue.

So I was able to fix it by not include the /, your docs make it seem like the / is required for filenames so might be good to change it for the post request.

For posterity, another issue was that I didn’t close the file so was reading blank data into the SHA1 function which I imagine isn’t required.

thanks much for that feedback and for the solutions, @ardensol! We really super-double-plus appreciate followups like these so that future explorers can also benefit from your learning :smiley: