Create new pages(non blog) using admin portal

Hi Everyone,

I have been using kaldi then with netlify cms for about more than 3 months now.

I like how easy it is to create new blogpost using netlify cms. My only issue is when I want to create a new page. For some reason i dont see this option on the admin site. So what i do is i open my project and manually create the individual md file and necessary js files.

Is there a way i can setup netlify cms so that i can create new pages just by using the admin site.

My site is built using gatsby.

Hmm, should be in the UI. Ours has this button, outlined in pink:

You do have to click into a collection, to show the button (to make a new page in the collection); there is no top level button because where would the page go? :slight_smile:

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I only have 2 items on my Collection ( Blog, Pages)
the blog collect has a “New Blog” button but for the Pages collection I don’t see “New Pages”.
I was hoping to have a button to add new pages on the top level.
Currently my top level pages are saved under Pages folder on my project.
Is there a way to configure this? It saves a lot of time if page creation can be done with just a click of a button, instead of manually creating folders and md files.

I also notice that you have a Workflow feature. What does that do?

Ok so the two different collections you have are actually two different types of collections. The blog collection is a folder collection. Folder collections represent one or more files with the same format, fields, and configuration options, like authors, blog posts or products.

The pages collection is a file collection. Each item in a file collection has an explicitly set configuration, perfect for unique (mainly static) pages.

You could name your current files collection differently (like static), and make a new folder collection called ‘pages’. That way you’ll be able to create new entries from the CMS. You will have to adjust your front-end accordingly.


Thanks buddy. I didn’t know a website for netlifycms even existed.
I could use a lot of these resources.
These are very helpful.

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