Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for "" to verify ownership

Google gave me TXT record to copy into my DNS configuration to prove ownership for Google Console. I have no idea where to find DNS config or what to do with this TXT if I found it. Any mini-tutorial would be fantastic, a point in the right direction would work.

Thank You

The usual place people put TXT records into place, assuming you use our DNS, is in the DNS Zone settings. Best way to find those (they are team specific) is to start on your team page, which you can get to as shown in this screenshot:

Clicking on the team name from any page will take you to a page with the header shown in that screenshot, then you can choose “Domains” just below where the arrow is pointing), and then select the domain you are working on, and then put in the TXT record using the wizard for new record there. Note that we automatically append your domain name to that record, which may mean you don’t need a “name” - just leave empty or put “@” if the record is as described here: