Consistent 6+ second TTFB on small index.html file

I’ve just deployed a website using Hugo and I’m experiencing the same 6 seconds TTFB in two cases. An image on the homepage and a specific page.

The website is and on the home is where a logo image is being loaded and taking a long time. This is the image

The other page is here is the document that is the problem it seems. The funny thing is that if you access everything loads fine.

Example requests:
Image: x-nf-request-id:5b068099-657f-4518-950d-13857d4c06b0-2554506
HTML Page: x-nf-request-id:5b068099-657f-4518-950d-13857d4c06b0-25594800

I can send the HAR files if necessary. I’ve already sent by email to support, but since I’m on the free plan the support channel is the forum, so, if you guys need the HAR files just let me know how to send it to you.

Here is a screenshot also:

I know you said there is some ongoing investigation into this issue, are you able to provide some kind of indication of how long this might take? For example, if this is likely to take a long time, it might be better to temporarily move a site away to a different CDN until this issue is resolved. Or is this an issue that is only affecting a subset of all deployments on Netlify?

Hey @0x6e6562 - thank you for providing that additional information. We have a pretty clear understanding of what is causing the issue, and unfortunately it is a fix that requires a bunch of additional work to ensure that our ~750 K customers don’t experience any instability as we make some changes. I understand that the performance impact is frustrating, but, we want to make sure we don’t make the problem worse by rolling out changes that haven’t been tested at scale.

We are actively working on this, but I am unable to provide a timeline. :grimacing: I wish i could. We will update here are soon as there are changes, however.

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Hey @perry - Many thanks for the heads up - I appreciate that you need to prioritize the overall stability of the platform and that it’s not that this issue is falling by the wayside, it’s just that the fix is tricky and needs to be applied in a controlled way.

Thank you for the update.


most definitely. we will respond here as soon as we have progress to share.


Hi everyone, we have some GREAT news :tada:

We have tested & rolled out a fix for these issues at scale.

More information here:

Please feel free to discuss on that thread, I will close this one (and others) so to contain the conversation a bit more. Thank you all for your patience :pray:

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