Connected existing Domain with Netlify (set NS-Record). Now I no longer recieve E-Mails

Hi everyone,

working as a UI-Developer most of the time I have a hard time understanding a problem I currently face.

So I have my domains registered at a german web hosting company ( Couple of weeks ago I decided to move my website from there to netlify. For that I had to set the NS-Records at to the ones netlify uses. Connecting my domain with netlify worked.

But since I connected the domain, I no longer recieve E-Mails to it nor can i send E-Mails from the domain.

What did I miss? Is this issue even answerable or is that to specific and needs more details/investigation?
I’m suspecting that I just missed something obvious …the dev ops noob that I am.

Thanks for every hint & help

Hey lars, moin moin.

Congrats on getting your domain set up! You will likely find this post helpful:

moin perry,

wow. thank you VERY much!

lars :slight_smile:

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hi perry, thanks again for the helpful step by step guide in the linked thread.
I still have a problem with finding the right server path for my mail service. I’am currently trying it with which i think does not work.

I really cant get much info out of I cannot access the MX-Records page there because I set the NS-Record to a custom url (netlify).

My guess would be that it isn’t working because the imap address is for configuring your e-mail client … it’s not the domain of the mail servers.

Check with to see what domains they use for mail servers. You may be looking for a domain name that looks something like or

Hi, @lars. I think the issue you are experiencing is described here:

Please look for this second on the page above:

I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?

If the solutions there don’t work or if there are any questions, please let us know.