Configuring sites to build under different conditions


Also it would be great if you could disable deploying for the production branch. I know that sounds strange!

We use our own CI to build and test, and then use the CLI to deploy to our Netlify site. Currently there is no way of disabling auto deploy and build for the prod branch meaning we often set ours to something along the lines of “branch-that-does-not-exist”. It would be great if this was more configurable as I guess a lot of people want to use their own CI.

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Hey @zef!

I apologize, missed this in the feature request thread and hope you don’t mind me pulling it out into its own post. Could you tell me more about when you DO want to build from git, if not the production branch? I bet we can find a less kludgey solution if I knew your goals in a bit more detail :slight_smile: