Conditionally trigger deploy preview from github pull request

Hello All,

Is it possible to setup a web hook or similar to test conditionally if Travis CI has passed its build before Netlify triggers a deploy preview from a pull request?

My problem is that I have deploy preview on pull requests enabled and when I push a feature branch to GitHub and create a pull request, Netlify automatically triggers a deploy preview as expected.

In my current situation the build failed and Netlify still created the deploy preview. Can I delay Netlify to wait and see if travis build passes first?

Please advise if I need to provide any other info

Here in the screenshot I have travis and netlify running checks

Is it possible for me to DELAY the Netlify checks until the Travis check has finished and then if travis passes start the Netlify checks and deploy preview. If Travis fails don’t run the Netlify checks and deploy preview?

I’ve been digging around the docs and this forum, but still unsure how to get this done or if its even possible.

From url below is a thread I found while search for a solution.
#2 is why this may not be possible because i’m using the new GitHub App

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Here is something more along the lines of what I need. Ability to modify the deploy preview when I create a pull request