[Common Issue] Using the Command Line Interface to manually link a git repository


If you want to link your Netlify site to your repo without using our User Interface (UI), but still want all of the benefits that come with continuous deployment, our Command Line Interface (CLI) tool is for you!

Currently, our UI allows repo linking via GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket only. So what if your repo is somewhere else? Maybe you have a self-hosted GitLab repo or a GitHub Enterprise repo. Or maybe you just like using the command line for everything. As long as you have a Netlify account, a git repo, and a dream, we can make this happen.

The CLI also works without continuous deployment. This is a good option when you’re using a separate Continuous Integration (CI) tool, deploying prebuilt files to Netlify at the end of the CI tool tasks.

To grab the new CLI, pop open your terminal and run:

After you’ve installed the CLI, you have access to a bunch of fancy features:

If you’re ready to get started using the CLI and link your repo to your site, check out our doc with its easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. We also have list of commands for easy reference. Handy!

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