[Common Issue] Netlify CMS isn’t working how I’d expect. How do I debug?


So glad you’re trying out Netlify CMS! Netlify CMS is an open source content management for your Git workflow. It’s light weight, easy to use, and works with a variety of static site generators (SSGs)

If you are having issues, here are some solutions to common problems, explained.

If you’ve checked those points over and still have questions, head over to our very active Gitter channel for some support, as that is the primary place where Netlify CMS questions get answered. If that still doesn’t help, comment below and we’ll point you in the right direction!


Make sure to have netlify-identity-widget installed on your website’s main page and initialized. This will allow your CMS users to verify their account by clicking the link in the email they receive when you invite them via Identity.

This will only apply when using git-gateway as the backend

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