[Common Issue] How can I receive emails on my domain?

That’s a really common question. Netlify does not provide email service. But no worries! You can acquire one yourself and then set up the DNS records required by that email provider at Netlify.

Zoho mail has a “forever free” plan for email service. You can also consider a email forwarding service like ImprovMX, also free.

Once you have selected your service, you can then follow the directions below to add your MX (mail) records to your Netlify DNS zone if you are using Netlify to manage your DNS . Otherwise, you’ll do this at your domain registrar.

  1. On your Netlify site, go to Domains - Custom domains and click the three dots to the right of your custom domain to access your DNS panel.

  2. Click the Add new record button and enter the settings below:

The settings are as follows:

  • Record type - select MX.
  • Name - just the @ symbol, nothing else needed. This will default to the name of your Netlify site name.
  • Priority - set it to 10, or whatever your email service recommends.
  • Value - this will be the server path provided by your email service. Do not include http:// or https://. For example, for GSuite, you can find the settings here.
  • TTL (Time To Live) - this will default to 3600 seconds.

Click the Save button and wait for between 15 and 30 minutes for the settings to propagate. Your email should now be working! If it doesn’t or you have further questions, let us know below.


I have tried Zoro mail, but always not authorized by netlify. I may need some help.

hi there, can you give us some more information about what you mean by “not authorized?” do you have an error log or a screenshot you can share? We need a little more information before we can debug :slight_smile:

Here are 3 photos that I took from different mail service panels that I want to use. Could you tell me if I have something wrong. Thanks

2nd photo

3rd photo, thanks

I’m not sure what the correct rule the email service expect is. Each service will have its own requirements and I’m not familiar with this email service provider’s verification process.

It appears (from the screenshots) to be wanting an MX type record with mx.ym.163.com for the value (but I would also expect an integer priority as well, but I don’t see this included).

If that is true, I would expect the DNS records in the third screenshot to meet that requirement (but again, this could be because the requirement itself isn’t clear to me).

Also, when I currently check, I see the a different set of MX records for this domain:

$ dig coletcoffeemachine.com MX +noall +answer

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> coletcoffeemachine.com MX +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd
coletcoffeemachine.com.	299	IN	MX	50 mx3.zoho.com.
coletcoffeemachine.com.	299	IN	MX	20 mx2.zoho.com.
coletcoffeemachine.com.	299	IN	MX	10 mx.zoho.com.

These are not the record being shown above in the MX record screenshot. This could be because you no longer require those settings (if I am guessing a reason for the change).

If you have other question about this, please let us know.

I followed the instruction from the OP, after signing up for Zoho, everything seems to pretty straight forward, however, I am unable to verify my domain with Zoho, using the TXT method or the CNAME method. and logging into the domain section of Netlify, I am unable to input the value. Please advise Attached are the photos.

When I enter the value, it’s telling me to change the format, not clear on what this means exactly.

Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hi @john,

I think you’ve already changed that to a TXT record, is everything working now?

@ Laura, yes everything is working now, thank you for suggesting Zoho, when I initially had to create a new record, I had to either choose CNAME or TXT, later in the process, I would select the MX record. thanks

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