[Common Issue] Form not showing up in forms page on site dashboard


We can definitely help you get your form working! Our form handling will work automatically for valid html forms but there are a few things you need so our form-handling can find your form. Here’s a few common things to check for:

  1. You form tag has a netlify (or data-netlify=true in javascript frameworks) attribute, mentioned here.
  2. You have a “name” atribute for your form tag to let our system identify it as a unique form. Also mentioned here.
  3. You have a “name” attribute with a unique value for each form field in your form. Something like <input name="email" ...> or <textarea name="message" ...> is what you need, so we are sent each of your form fields from the browser. Make sure you don’t have two of the same field-name on a single form; this will make one field override the other in unexpected way.

Just make sure you have those things in your standards-compliant html form and you should find your form in your dashboard! There’s some more useful information and a good example here. Let us know how it goes in a comment below!