.co.uk nameserver with GoDaddy

Hello all,

I am having an issue and war with GoDaddy.

I have a .co.uk domain with GoDaddy, not hosting because hosting is with Netlify.
I add my co.uk domain to Netlify, link my repo.
I update my nameservers on GoDaddy to point to Netlify: dns1.p08.nsone.net etc
I wait a week and nothing changes/propagates. Netlify doesn’t recognize/authorize my domain.

GoDaddy is insistent that it’s not an issue with them but with Netlify. However, my .com is fine and linked with Netlify no problem.

Am I missing something here? Could it be a .co.uk thing? I have been struggling for two weeks.


Hi, your site seems to be working now:


Let us know if you’re still having trouble.