Ciphers - How to configure

Does anyone know if you can configure the cipher suite? Right now it seems the https security leaves several weak available.


Hi Ryan,

As I mentioned to you in the helpdesk, it’s not possible for you to affect the configuration.

We’d have to make changes on our entire CDN, as these changes are at a system level.

In general we aim to have an “A+” for SSL with the well respected third party testing tool “SSL Labs”: (I used one of my test sites to demonstrate here), so we believe the current cypher suite to be not just sufficient but great.

I understand that some scanners disagree and as I mentioned in the helpdesk also, I’ll be checking in with our CTO on his plans in that area and will follow up here as well as in your helpdesk case with his plans.

Just wanted to let the audience know that we do have plans to change out our cypher suites alongside roll-out of the next version of our CDN edge software. I don’t have a timeline for this work but will follow up in this thread when it is live.