Changing TTL on MX from 5 to 3600 breaks email!

Email forwarding to GSuite has been working fine since I set it up on Netlify weeks ago. However I thought it would be a good idea to increase the TTL on the MX and TXT records from my set up value of 5 seconds to the default value of 3600.

I created a new matching record for each entry with the new TTL of 3600 and then deleted the old entry. I quadruple checked everything was exactly the same as a screenshot of my original settings (attached).

The problem was I was then unable to receive email although I could still send them. 12 hours later and I could still not receive any emails.

To try and fix it I then changed back to the TTL of 5. That was 5 hours ago and I am still unable to receive emails.

How is this possible and what should I do to resolve?

FWIW I managed fix the issue.

I tried a number of fixes but think that deleting all the MX records and then reentering them was key. When I updated previously I reentered the new copy before deleting the old copy and that seemed to confuse things.

Glad to hear you got things sorted out, Joey! That is an odd experience and one I’ll try to reproduce and get a bug filed on for us.