Changing region and increasing timeout seconds for netlify functions

@laura, @luke, @Dennis, @fool

May I ask for a followup on this request please? Thank you very much!

Would you please Move their hosting and increase the timeout for the following sites:

  1. site name : aquaheat-fiji, API ID: 84fed046-932b-4bd9-bb90-b95b156ebdf5
  2. site name: aquaheat-nz, API ID: c9721d67-a4c3-4983-9b5a-29bf2f6dfd07

Sure thing, just got those updated for you.

Note that you must redeploy EVERY function with a change to the checksum on disk to activate the change for each function. You can choose to do it just for certain functions which will just update that subset, if you’d prefer.

Let me know if you have any trouble!


Can we get an increase in execution time for our two sites to 26s? I’ve upgraded both to function level 1. They are:

Name: gp-develop
API ID: 9b19f593-a6bb-49a6-9532-49c33cd5b2aa


Name: gp-production
API ID: f550688f-6f35-4a9b-87c2-5b6dd41f8f2a

Thank you,

Sure thing, tis done. Note as for the prior requestors you must cause a redeploy of functions on both sites to activate the change. We only redeploy in case we have seen a change in checksum on disk, so if you optimize your code adding a blank line or comment to the code won’t help; you may need to change a log message or similar.

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I’m sorry for posting this here, but i thought it’s better to ask here than create a new thread.

Is it possible to change region for lambda functions on free plan as well? Only region.


It is not even possible to change the function timeout for free - you MUST upgrade to paid Functions Level 1. We can also change region (and timeout if you want) once you do that on any site though. In neither case is a Pro team subscription required, just the Functions Level 1 subscription.

This will only be possible for regions that support lambda execution, of course:

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Can we get an increase in function time to 26 seconds? Our site is upgraded to function level 1.

Name: api-spt
API ID: 53a8374f-7057-4b07-b3f1-303d0ce84ca9

Thank you very much,

Sure thing, Joe, tis done. As for past requestors you will have to force a redeploy by changing the on-disk checksum of the function, to activate it.

Can I get an increase in function time to 26 seconds?
Our site is upgraded to function level 1.
Users are having trouble with timeouts, so I want to change the settings early…

Site name: labelmake
API ID: b1cfe4a6-8e06-47f5-bf75-42ade9ed28c1


Sure thing, tis done. You’ll need to redeploy the functions with a change on disk to activate it.

@fool Sorry to use an old thread, but I’m not sure of a better way to request this. We also need an increase in the timeouts for functions to 26 seconds. I have upgraded to functions level 1.

API ID: 000b3956-fa7d-471a-8f3a-17cc76157629

Thanks a lot!

we took care of that for you, @spencewood.

Hello, it would be possible to increase the timeouts to 26 seconds, and move to an eu-west region for this site.

API ID: 434470a5-e8db-48b1-a111-70210287371a

Thank you!

Just need a bit more info: we need to know WHICH eu-west region you’d like your functions to run in (there exist eu-west-1/2/3 which are all in different locations, all of which can run lambda functions). Note that the primary data center for our CDN is eu-central-1 so your EU requests will be served from that datacenter, as far as our CDN node is concerned. Still faster to proxy (what we do for lambda requests) to anywhere in EU than back to the US.

So - let me know which region more precisely and I’ll get the config updated.

I have already set a 26 second timeout for that site.

To activate ANY changes to function settings (the one I already made, or the one I will make once you let me know the answer to the region question), you must redeploy the function(s) you want to change in behavior with a code change on disk, so we notice and redeploy the functions with the new settings. No change on disk == no redeploy == new config not activated.

Oh! Thank you so much for your detailed answer. The region will be eu-west-3. Once the change on the region is made I’ll redeploy the functions. Thanks!

hi delacannon, we changed that region for you, you are good to go.

Can I ask for this request?

Can we change b3e23331-203e-40b4-bcb1-e1c8023689c8 functions to have 26 seconds timeout?

All done, @dwalks12! Hope this helps :+1:.

can we change fb38ca92-57b5-41da-a9b3-861c4fe77050 functions to have 26 seconds timeout?


Sure! Once the site is upgraded to Functions Level 1, we can get that sorted out :+1: