Can't renew my domain

When I press on enable auto renew in DNS settings of domain I get an error unable to update auto renew error. Payment method is with credit card. Would be glad if you help me.

Hi @kaboomdev!

It looks like your domain has already expired, I have messaged you privately so we can address the issue.

Hello @laura. I also have the same issue. My domain expired 2 days ago, I added a valid CC but I still see the same message “unable to update auto renew”.

Many thanks,


Hi @davidcunha! Welcome to our Community!

You didn’t have auto-renew enabled for that domain which caused it to expire. We can help. Please confirm this is the domain and we’ll take care of the renewal:

Thanks @laura. Yes this is the domain I want to auto-renew.

We just got that renewed for you!

You can enable auto-renewal under Domains in the Netlify UI so this doesn’t happen again next year.

Let us know if anything else is needed at this time.