Can't read css properly with Jekyll


When I am using jekyll and deploying to Netlify as usual, my CSS is missing.
I don’t see any errors during build or in console.

I use the custom domain.
Example is available here:

With source code here:

When I deploy only “_site/” folder in my GitHub repo and I don’t use custom domain,
everything works fine, example is here:

Hi @kurage0807, I just visited your site and I see you’re serving a css file:

Did you resolve the issue you were having already?

Hi @futuregerald , thank you for your kind reply!
Actually, that served css is not what I intended for, and this is maybe caused by setting for site.url.
(I use Jekyll and set cutom domain,so maybe I made mistakes in the site.url which the css is readed)
I will check my source code again!
Thank you so much and Happy birthday to you!

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