Can't login to admin after starting with a gatsby site starter template


I have created a gatsby site starter template.
The site is up and running here
I created my netlify account with one email address and linked it to my github account that has another email address.
I have yet to receive an email confirmation link for either address and I dont know how to get another one sent out.
When I try to login to with my netlify email address I get the error “Email not confirmed”.

Can anyone suggest a way forward?

Hi @Adam_Sinnott! Welcome to our community.

I looked into this and see we sent you a reset password email, but it is still marked “unread”. Maybe it went to your spam folder? I just resent it, mind checking to see if its there? Let us know!

Hi Laura, thanks for looking! It turns out my company has a hidden spam filter that I didnt know about. I created an account logged in and was able to whitelist you. I got in, in the end. So all good, thanks for looking

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Awesome to hear you got things figured out. :+1: