Can't edit the value of a DNS record of a domain managed by Netlify DNS

Hi all !

I’m using Netlify DNS to manage my domain.

It’s working great for mydomain.tld and www.mydomain.tld where my SPA is hosted with Netlify (on weird-and-funny-name.netlify.tld).

But I want to point the subdomain api.mydomain.tld to another-weird-and-funny-name.herokuapp.tld which hosts my application backend.

I went to and added api.mydomain.tld with the Add a new record button.

I must haved messed up because the value of the record is weird-and-funny-name.netlify.tld.

I don’t find the option to edit or remove it. And this little mention :

This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.

bashes any remaining hope I had.

What should I do to edit the DNS record value of api.mydomain.tld ?

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For other people running into issues deleting Netlify DNS records marked as a “system record” (i.e., the NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 type DNS records in our Managed DNS service), please let us know and support will be happy to do this.

Hi Luke,

We’ve lost a whole day on this issue and have yet to receive a reply from support. It’s very frustrating when traditional solutions (managing our own CICD) end up being faster because our move to Netlify is blocking simple things like changing our DNS settings.

The support ticket we opened has number 7505


Hi Tom and sorry to hear about the struggle!

Glad to see that Luke got your issue fixed and informed you in the helpdesk that he had done so less than 9 hours after you first contacted us on the topic. That’s rather faster than we are usually able to help free customers, so you’re welcome :). You should consider upgrading to a paid account if fast support turnaround is important to you. We are happy to provide our service and tech support for free, but we cannot promise fast responses for free customers.

On to the issue at hand:

We know our automated DNS records aren’t always perfect - we try to be “automagic” and it’s one-size-fits-most. Let’s break down how those are created for your and others’ future reference.

NETLIFY records are actually linked A records from our DNS provider, NS1 (cf their documentation), and we create those ONLY in DNS Zones we manage, and ONLY when you apply a hostname to a site. Don’t want a NETLIFY record for a hostname? Do not apply it to a Netlify site.

In cases where there is an undesired NETLIFY or NETLIFYv6record, you will need our help to remove them at present, though we have an open feature request to allow self-deletion so perhaps that will change. In most cases, deleting those records would bring down your website, so that’s why we have it locked off right now. We also set them to non-obvious values to enable our CDN and moreover make sure you are on the correct CDN for your account level (The Enterprise CDN has slightly different DNS records).

When do we automatically create a record?

  1. you apply the name as a custom domain or domain alias to a site AFTER activating our DNS hosting. We do not retroactively create these records for you if you enable our DNS hosting after configuring a site with one or more hostnames.
  2. you activate a branch subdomain by selecting a branch from the settings card in our domain settings for a site.

Of course these records only matter in case your DNS Zone is both configured at Netlify to be managed by us AND configured at your registrar to point to us.