Can't change my email in settings - could it be that there's Github related bug?

I created my Netlify account via Github, but later I changed my email on Github. Since Netlify didn’t change it automatically, I tried doing it manually. Even though I get the ‘success’ message in the email changing form, I never recieve any emails. I checked spam and trash. Now I’m thinking, since I can still login to Netlify through my Github account (that has an email I want to apply to Netlify), maybe Netlify already has that email in it’s database so there’s some bug the process? Could it be that Netlify thinks I already have an account with that email (I don’t) because it is part of the Github account through which I login to Netlify?

We do send a confirmation email you must click before change is applied.

If you can’t receive emails anymore at your prior email address (shown in the UI before the change), that may be a problem. Could you let me know that address? I think it starts with frogs and ends with - is that the one you are talking about?

On the 17th, I can see that 3 were rejected by gmail, not sure why, but that was their side not ours :slight_smile:

So even this mail arrived on the wrong (old) email address (yes it’s frogs…@… , that’s why I’m seeing this just now… The one I want to be my default and primary email address is ob…@…
I did not receive any emails when I tried to change the address. I clicked multiple times on a ‘resend’ button with no results. I could provide you with my emails via dm.

Please do feel free to private message (the Discourse platform calls them PMs) that to one of our support staff. I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Please keep in mind that only one person can see the PM but our support team will share it privately so the whole team is aware and will be able to assist (but this is an additional manual step). Please PM/DM that info anytime.