Can't add a "SRV" starting with an underscore (_) to DNS records

There’s a minor bug in DNS names – I can’t add the “SRV” record for, because it starts with an underscore (_)

The record hostname is (record type SRV) with value

Netlify won’t let me save that value because of the error message that pops up, “Please match the requested format.”

For completeness, I’m using Service “sip”, Protocol “TCP”, Priority “0”, Weight “0”, Port “443”, Target (value) “

This in no way is mission-critical for me, and I don’t need a response, but here is what it says on the website:
“Although optional, adding the following three records will help to automatically configure any mail desktop clients:”

Just FYI! Thanks.

Best regards,

Hi, @djD-REK, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

I believe that record is created as required now here. The screenshot above shows the values I used to create it.

If there are other questions or concerns (or the record doesn’t work for any reason), please let us know.