Can't access Bitbucket team repositories - master does not exist or you do not have permission

Thanks for your reply. I have tried the CLI and it just doesn’t work. I was able to resolve the issue by having my Bitbucket account elevated to team admin status. Jtlyk, when I spun up a site on Zeit, I was able to get access to the repo even without me being a team admin.

Thanks for that information, @gyrad. We have this community topic and the issue filed for this cross-linked. We will post and update here if/when the issue is known to be resolved.


Having the same issue, hoping your team can get it resolved.

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Confirmed that I can access the BitBucket repo in question on AWS CodeBuild. I have admin priveleges for the repo but not the team.

thanks for chiming in, @matthew - i’ve added your information to the issue we filed on this. Do any of the solutions mentioned by fool above work for your circumstances?

Thanks for the response @perry.

If the CLI gave that message, did you follow Bret’s advice to the person who filed that issue and use --manual? That should work as expected.

Thanks for the reports of this, and for everyone’s patience while we find a solution. As identified by the descriptions in this thread, the problem affected repos that you have admin permissions for within teams where you’re not an admin. With the various ways Bitbucket gives us to retrieve the list of repos, that scenario was falling through a crack.

We’ve deployed a change within the last day to address this and you should now be able to choose the repos that were previously missing from that list. You can read about it in Updates.

I’d love to hear if this is now working for you. It was a nuanced issue, and so I’d definitely like to know if there’s anything still preventing you for accessing the repos you need to access.

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