Cannot load the website with using custom domain

:unexpectedly closed the connection" in chrome, and “PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR” in firefox

There’s no issue in other computers though…

Hi @ayoayco! Welcome to netlify community.

Can you let us know the name of your site please?

I experience a similar issue.

my domain is:

in chrome it mostly works but on firefox and sometimes on safari the site doesnt load. the netlify url seems always to work:

Hi @duc-talentwunder! Welcome to netlify community.

Your site is loading great for me in all three browsers. I checked out your settings and your DNS is correct. Your SSL cert was just issued 24 hours ago, that could have been the issue. Are you still unable to load your site in certain browsers?

hello Laura,

thank you for your response! It seems fine now… maybe this was really the issue

thanks a lot, Netlify is a great service!

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