Can Netlify deliver "deploy" event to GitHub API after successful deployment?

We are deploying sites to Netlify and because the site is complex and has redirects would like to run a few end-to-end smoke tests on the deployed site to make sure everything is working.

Before we have configured things like CircleCI webhooks from Netlify to CircleCI, but this is too complex. I think a much cleaner approach would be to extend the existing GitHub commit status updates that Netlify sends with an additional one.

You can create a deployment status event using GitHub API (yeah, it is preview right now)

Then we could do just listen for “deploy” event in GitHub Action workflow and test the passed url

name: deployed
on: [deployment, deployment_status]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
         extract the deployed URL from the event object
         run tests against the URL

We do not yet use that API, @bahmutov. I’ve added your name to the open feature request for us to do so, but I do not expect that to be implemented anytime soon.