Can I use netlify identity with a web view phone app

I can’t offer my site publicly because I can’t have everyone on the internet sign an NDA, but we’re building a Progressive Web App and I’m hoping that you can use Netlify Identity from a web view. We’re going to use Capacitor to bundle our React app into Android and iPhone, which uses a web view, so it’s still technically just using the web site, but I’m unsure of how identity will handle web views.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you.

Hi @JamesWholebear, I know of a user who has successfully used the netlify-identity-widget on an app. So, as long as the app has access to the internet, it can be done. If you are adventurous, you could forego the widget altogether and invoke the Netlify Identity API endpoints directly. These endpoints are described here: The base url for those endpoints would be something like

That said, if you’re willing to write the code and debug it yourself, it is possible. :slight_smile: