Can i use Adsense in Netlify Blog..!

Hi I placed my static blog in netlify. Now my doubt is can we use google adsense in deployed static blog…!! Any policy violence…i think netlify offered this is free. But just thinking earn some money from my blog. Is it possible…!!

@jagadeesh32 Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’m not the policy expert, but I’ve never seen any prohibitions against advertising on Netlify-hosted sites.

Also, Google Adsense should work fine on a static page because it uses JavaScript, which is the J in JAMStack.

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Hi, @jagadeesh32. As so often do, I want to just say “@gregraven is correct”.

You are allowed to use Adsense on your sites deployed with Netlify on any plan type (Starter included). This does not break any rules we have at Netlify. You are free to do this.

do i need to have a custom domain to add the google adsense to the site or i can add the adsence with a netlify subdomain?

you shouldn’t need a custom domain in order to add adsense, @Dango!