Can I download my website?

Hello! thanks for reading, I would like to solve this issue.
So recently my computer has oxygenated, therefore i lost my computer- now I have a new one. I cant access my hard drive yet, and I have alot of projects there especially my netlify ones.

I would like to download my own website which i have access to in my account, but I do not know how, it is already deployed. is there a way I can download a deployed build? i would really love to get my website back. I would be super glad if i get it back in .zip compressed form , I deployed the website in a .zip. If there’s a way let me know! If there isn’t , too- would be sad however :cry:

Thank you for your help!

You are in luck.

You can download a copy of any successful deploy from the deploy logs page as shown in my screenshot - Chris @fool

Go to your deploys for the site. Click on a deploy, then you will be able to download the deployed assets for that site’s deploy.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it alot, now I can continue developing my cool site to show for my friends, Thank you again!

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