Can I download my website?

Hello! thanks for reading, I would like to solve this issue.
So recently my computer has oxygenated, therefore i lost my computer- now I have a new one. I cant access my hard drive yet, and I have alot of projects there especially my netlify ones.

I would like to download my own website which i have access to in my account, but I do not know how, it is already deployed. is there a way I can download a deployed build? i would really love to get my website back. I would be super glad if i get it back in .zip compressed form , I deployed the website in a .zip. If there’s a way let me know! If there isn’t , too- would be sad however :cry:

Thank you for your help!

You are in luck.

You can download a copy of any successful deploy from the deploy logs page as shown in my screenshot - Chris @fool

Go to your deploys for the site. Click on a deploy, then you will be able to download the deployed assets for that site’s deploy.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it alot, now I can continue developing my cool site to show for my friends, Thank you again!

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Hi , Similar question, I had a hard drive crash and lost the website data that I moved across to netlify. I , was using RStudio and blogdown. Can I perform a reverse of this …that is, is there anyway I can download that information from netlify in a form that I can re use in Rstudio? Following the instructions above does indeed allow a download, but the files are not exactly those I uploaded. I wish to recover exactly those that I dropped into ‘Drag and drop your site folder here’. Thanks

@jojo, welcome to our community site.

First, the bad new is that we probably don’t have a copy of the site’s source code.

We don’t do a site build when the drag and drop method is used so the download deploy button should allow you to download exactly what was uploaded. However, if the deploy was successful, it also probably means only the results of the source code was uploaded to Netlify after blogdown was done processing the source. So, the output of blogdown was uploaded and not the source code itself.

I’d be happy to confirm if the source is available. Which site is this for? (Or sites, if there is more than one?)

I also want to mention one way particular way to prevent data loss caused by local hardware failures, which is is to upload your source code to a third-party Git hosting company, such as (in no particular order):

  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub

I believe all have a free tier of service as well.

This would mean that, if a local hard drive crashes, you would still have the most recent “push” of your source code with whichever Git service is used.

This also allows what we consider one of the most useful features of Netlify, our continuous deployment using Git repos hosted with those services.

Again, if you want to post here (or PM me) the site names, I’ll be happy to double check if the source was ever uploaded to Netlify.

Thank you Luke for your reply.
The site is It is quite simple so will not take me long to rewrite it blogdown…if I have to. I will have to learn how to use Github for saving the source code as I do in fact use it for programming in R.
Appreciative of your help

Hi, @jojo. If you are logged into Netlify, you can download the deployed files here:

The download deploy button is the one shown in the following screenshot:

I took a brief look at the deployed files and I do not see the source code there. I’m still hopeful that the files which are there will be helpful in resuming development of the site.

One last note, I found this rather comprehensive tutorial for connecting RStudio with Git:

I haven’t used this tutorial personally but it does appear to cover the topic quite thoroughly.

If there is more we can do, please let us know.