Can a client own their netlify account but connect to a repo I own

Hey I’ve been looking to change up my freelance workflow to include netlify. What I would love to do is keep maintaining repositories on my github but connect those to netlify account my clients own. The reason is I like to stay out of the hosting game and don’t want to be collecting payments for a master netlify account every month. I’d also like them to access their contact forms and it seems like they need their own account to do this. Increasing my account to pro isn’t really an option because then I go back to having to figure out billing and payments for them. On heroku I’ve been just creating a team for them and adding customer card info there so it stays isolated. Would love to hear how others manage client workflows for small side hustles like this.

From what I can tell from experimenting it seems like the best way to do this is to create a new account for the client with their email address and authorize my github account and connect it to the proper repository. This would allow for the client to see their form submissions and pay for any increases in functionality on the Netlify side themselves.

While my github is authorized it would only connect to this one repository so it is safe to use in this manner. It appears the only restriction would be to try to connect two different Netlify accounts to the same repository.

Since I haven’t completely traveled down this path, if anyone that see any pitfalls in my plan let me know I would love to just make sure this is safe.


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Sure, any repo you can link to your own Netlify site, you can link to any Netlify site. There’s no restriction based on the account owner.

If you need access to the account then you would have to either create a team for the client or just use their starter team and add you as a member.


so, something is not clear to me with the @mrispoli24 approach.
Let’s say I create a team for a client and authorize its site to have access to a specific repo on my Github account, so far so good.

Now, let’s say my client is a funny guy and he goes :

Settings>Builds&Deploy>Build Settings and links it’s site to another repo, which I have granted access to using the Netlify GitHub App.

How to prevent that?

The safest solution I see here is to have a client’s Team on Netlify as well as a client’s GitHub account to connect the repo to.

Am I missing something(as I often do :blush: )?

I agree that the safest and also ideal solution is to have the github repo and netlify site both owned by the client. However, in some situations, what @mrispoli24 described is how things need to be, I guess.

In any case, I don’t think you were missing anything. :+1:

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