Builds since adding Netlify Gatsby plugin hanging on 'Post Processing'

I’ve updated our production build to use the Netlify Gatsby plugin as we needed to create some redirects programatically while creating pages. We’ve deployed this today but the two builds triggered so far have both stuck at ‘processing’ despite the following log messages:

12:26:01 PM: Skipping HTML post processing
12:26:01 PM: Post processing - header rules
12:27:12 PM: Finished processing build request in 12m46.109840305s

Can you confirm how we can resolve this (while still being able to create programattic redirects).

Is anyone able to follow up on this please? I have some back and forth with Netlify support yesterday but my builds have been stuck at processing since yesterday even though we’ve tried rolling the code back to before this started having issues. I’ve supplied the requested files to support first thing today but not heard anything further.