Build just hangs with no messages

So this keeps happening for my new Gatsby site. For some reason everything hangs after sourcing nodes. Here is the latest deploy log, unfortunately I don’t really have much on my end to go off of and troubleshoot:

Any ideas?


so the clues are in there:

7:38:49 AM: success source and transform nodes - 10.834s
8:07:22 AM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

or, more specifically, in the time difference between these two timestamps.

Our regular maximum build time for a site is 15 minutes, and your build obvsly doesn’t complete within that timeframe.

I’m not exactly sure yet why not - you may have a lingering background process that never terminates and so we can’t complete the build.

More here:

The solution is to either a.) improve your build efficiency - this is where i would start.

Some more reading:

or b.) ask us to up your build time to 30 minutes. We can do this if there is a credit card associated with the account, so that we can automatically bill you for more build minutes, should you need them.

Thanks @perry it actually showed me that message after I posted. Thing is builds should probably be only taking 2-3 mins. Not sure what is causing the delays here, would you be able to pull anything up on your end?

@perry so I narrowed it down to some sort of issue with the part of my build process that fetches data from our CRM. Right now I am running a series of get requests to fetch all of the data we need to then source into Gatsby’s schema. It runs quickly on my system and the logs on Netlify seem to indicate that it successfully fetched and created the nodes. But then it just pauses with nothing further. If I remove this step the build is able to move forward. Is there a limit to the amount of get requests we can make during a build process?

Hi, @kmcaloon. I think this support guide might have more information about the root cause:

To summarize, some subprocess isn’t existing which then causes the build system to wait until it does. This doesn’t ever happen to the build is manually timed out after 15 minutes.

If this is the root cause, the solution is to make sure that subprocess exits and returns control to the build system.

If this doesn’t work or if there are other questions, please let us know.