Build image regressing?

Hey All,

I’m using the latest version of Hugo. I know that in order to use the extended version I need to be using the Xenial image. Today, I noticed that my builds started to fail. I went to look at the output and it appears that it’s using the incorrect version:

10:29:23 AM: Build ready to start
10:29:24 AM: build-image version: 8e315e54bc4032a32e73290be556cde4f8348c12
10:29:24 AM: build-image tag: v2.8.2

Instead of

5:53:57 PM: Build ready to start
5:53:58 PM: build-image version: 9e0f207a27642d0115b1ca97cd5e8cebbe492f63
5:53:58 PM: build-image tag: v3.3.2

My build image is set to Xenial. I even checked the old one and then re-checked Xenial.

I’m sure other people are affected by this issue. I figured I’d raise it here.

Thanks all!


Same issue here:

I’m having the same issue…did anyone find a solution?

Until it’s addressed by the Netlify team you can compile locally and then upload your public folder. Not great, but that’s how I was able to at least update my site.

Hey guys! It seems Netlify has noticed that and solved it. :grinning:

But note the log above. :warning:

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Confirmed. Looks like it’s ok.

2:16:49 PM: Build ready to start
2:16:51 PM: build-image version: 9e0f207a27642d0115b1ca97cd5e8cebbe492f63
2:16:51 PM: build-image tag: v3.3.2

Hi, @jaredwolff, @reuixiy, and @patrick (and welcome to our community forum those of you posting for the first time :slight_smile:).

First, thank you all for posting here about this. These posts helped us find a regression in an update today and to get this Trusty/Xenial switch issue fixed.

Second, as you have already stated above, this should be fixed now. If not, please let us know (again) here.

This is a great example of our community working as intended. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue!