Build fails in Netlify, passes loccally, and in Github Actions

Build passes in Github actions here:

Yet fails the preview deploy here:

Is it possible that lerna boostrap is not running from the postinstall hook?

Hey @cdierkens,
Yes, definitely possible! Looking into the deploy you linked, I’m seeing that the build starts in the web/ directory, so does not check or install anything from the root, including the build script in the root’s package.json. I’m seeing deploys fail with a similar error message going back to July 6 (, with the last successful production deploy from GitHub on June 9:

This related thread about Lerna with Netlify might be useful:

Let us know if that helps or if we can offer other guidance.

The build script in the root delegates to each package in the monorepo, and each package should have its own dependencies listed correctly. That’s a good path to verify so thanks for pointing out that if a build starts in a directory, then that local package is used to install dependencies.