Bug in non-trailing slash rewrite

Well, there’s a bit of a problem with that - those URL’s will behave differently.

Imagine an index.html file like this, saved in a directory called “my-picture”:

<img src=asset.png>

When called as https://site/my-picture , the “asset.png” should be found in /
When called as https://site/my-picture/ or https://site/my-picture/index.html, the “asset.png” should be found in the my-picture subdirectory. Further, if you have a my-picture.html next to /my-picture/ our Pretty URL’s functionality (and that of site generators like Jekyll) will need to make those behave differently.

So it is a bit more than just “always do this thing I want with trailing slashes”.

All the practical difficulties aside, I have an open feature request to allow you to specify a specific behavior, and I’ve added this thread to the request, so we can let you know if things change.

But today, we don’t have good facilities for doing much about that.

Hey, thanks @Dennis. Unfortunately that doesn’t work as it will still try to load assets from the root. As @fool explains in this thread, a Netlify page served from http://site/foo sees itself as foo.html, not as foo/index.html, so all relative links are actually resolved one directory higher than expected.

I’m trying to find a way around that but have had no luck so far. Any http://site/foo webpage currently serves a broken version (with no style/script) of http://site/foo/. Only workarounds I can think of right now would be to only use absolute urls for loading assets, or redirect the faulty pages with JavaScript. Both are inconvenient and bring their own drawback, though.

I see. The only thing I can think of would be to try redirecting those assets specifically. Something like:

/style.4f8d993218.css https://gamemaster-barrowmaze.netlify.com/style.4f8d993218.css 200!

The drawback would be that you would need to do this for each asset that is 404-ing and for any file whose filename has changed.

That’s unfortunately not doable. The hash in the filenames of my assets is generated based on the file content and changes every time the file changes.

Keeping my redirect file in sync with the current asset list is going to pretty unwieldy as they are in two different repositories and I don’t want this kind of coupling.

Sounds like with all your constraints, it may not be possible to host your site in its current form on netlify. Sorry we don’t have better news for you!

Thanks for the reply.

The workaround I’ll use for now is to handle the redirection with a short snippet of JavaScript in my <head>.

I wrote a method that checks if the current url is in the form of site.com/foo and redirects it to site.com/foo/ (keeping any query string or hash unchanged). I packaged it as an npm module if anyone else wants to use it.

The README even includes a copy-pastable minified version of the code if you just need a quick fix without requiring modules.

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