Blog post comments and likes

I have a blog and I create posts and categories using the CMS. And now need to create an open comments section with likes and a share button and I’m thinking of how this can be implemented.

Is there an API that I can call outside de admin to create these comments and likes? How would be the setup to make this work? Any ideas are welcome!

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Hey @darksoulsong,

It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled but I’m sure Staticman was a bit of a go-to for this sort of functionality!

@Pieparker thanks for your reply. I read a little of the Staticman docs and it seems it doesn’t fit my needs, as I’m looking for something integrated with NetlifyCMS so I can centralize the comments moderation and post writing in a single place.

I wonder if @erez has stumbled across anything which might fit the bill? Hopefully he might have some ideas when he’s back next week :+1:.

Hi @darksoulsong and @Pieparker, the CMS writes files to your git repo, so if you want any visitor to the site to add comments/likes via the CMS they would need access to your repo which I don’t think is recommended.

You could use an external service for saving the comments (for example and write a custom widget that would use the service API to display the comments and moderate them via the CMS if you want to keep everything in the same place.


You might want to check Isso for a self-hosted privacy-respecting alternative to disqus :wink: