Blocking abusive IP address

Is it possible to block abusive IP addresses on Netlify?

Background: From last couple of months, my websites on Netlify seem to be consuming a lot of bandwidth and it has exceeded the 100GB limit. I love Netlify, so I don’t really mind paying for the extra bandwidth consumed. But looks like I’ve consumed 250GB in last 15 days- which is a lot.
I believe my website is being abused, so wondering how to deal with this on Netlify.

Before switching to Netlify, I used to block abusive IP addresses using IP tables. Does Netlify provide(or plan to) a feature to block abusive IP addresses?

vsr - please email in to with specific information about your instance name etc so they can look into this. thanks.

@vsr - today we just announced the launch of Netlify Analytics at JAMstack conf london. You can read more about that here, in case you are interested in learning more about what is consuming your bandwidth :+1: