Blocked in China

Just tried deploying a site and found that it was not accessible in China. Even is not accessible in China. When I used Netlify round 6 months ago everything was working fine.

Site I used to check:
China Firewall Test

Love the product thanks

I’m not convinced that site is correct; it claims that china’s main search engine baidu is blocked, and that my test domain that has never been linked to is blocked too, which both seem pretty unlikely.

Do you have reports from Chinese users that your site is blocked? I checked in with a customer whose site is used heavily in China and they claimed it worked well right now, so I don’t think everything is blocked - but even it shows as blocked when we know it isn’t, on that page.

For instance, this site claims to test connectivity and returns true on my test domain. But when checking netlify there is a false positive:

Since our site resolves to MANY different IP addresses, from different locations, and the “wrong” address it found is just another one of our CDN nodes and service actually seems to work fine (at least as far as DNS not being blocked)