Blank page when deploying a react projec , no errors, build settings

That is my second time trying to start and deploy this project, and both times I get the same issue, but before I had errors being raised, now I only get a blank page, I have started using a create-react-app, and after its was ready and working well on localhost I have decided to deploy, I had some issues with broken Url and had fixed it with adding the Publish directory for my index.html on the deploy settings, I have also listed my homepage in my package.json, now, I have a blank page and the only thing that works is my headers (favicon, title, and etc…),
I have no idea what else I should try, it seems like the rest of my page it’s not being rendered

my link:
on git hub://](

That is my last Deploy Log:

Thank you,

hi there, when you open the developer console, do you see any issues in your deployed page?

If yes, let us know.

@Rebecasa forked your repository and created a new site on Netlify. Everything worked as expected. You may have your settings setup incorrectly on the site.

Build command: yarn build
Publish directory: build


That works perfectly! Thank you so much, I was indeed using the wrong Publish directory.