Auto SSL not working on godaddy custom domain

Hello I have an issue regarding this website

Nameservers are set correctly but for some reason SSL do not apply automatically to the website.

The domain registrar is godaddy.

If i click verify DNS configuration button, it shows

DNS verification was successful (check)

but on page reload it is not verified again

the netlify provided domain has SSL

hi, how long has it been?

It can take some time for this to kick in:

26 hours have passed since i changed GoDadddy Nameservers

it works now seems it was the propagation cache issue

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Hey, i have similar problem. My SSL i working on the domain as you can see on screenshot 1.
I bought my custom domain on GoDady and linked to my netlify acc and after that SSL did not worked.
I tried clicking on VERIFY DNS CONFIGURATION but that didn’t work either. Hope that you can help me
thanks in advance. custom domain

looks like it has succeeded now, sometimes DNS sorts itself out with a little time :+1:

Thank you for fast response