Asterisk-based redirect only partially working

Hi, it’s me again :slight_smile:

We’re having an issue with an asterisk-based redirect:

/  /en/  302  Language=en
/  /fr/  302  Language=fr
/  /en/  302
/* /en/:splat

This works great for everything (i.e. gets redirected to, except our page. If a user visits he/she gets a 404 instead of the redirect to Is there anything wrong with my redirect rules?

It’s the only page that doesn’t work - maybe it has something to do with the path starting with /en as in /ENterprise?

Thanks in advance.


Ok, here’s an update: I created a new page called and the behaviour is the same as with the /enterprise one. I assume it really has to do with the en in ENterprise and ENtest.

Hi Flo,

Yup, you’ve found a bug where there is an overlap in config paths we sometimes grab the wrong one (/en and /ensomethingelse can become conflated). In the future please give us a real URL so we can see it in action, but in this case, I’ve seen that behavior once before and found the open bug on it to update with your experience, so it didn’t turn out to be necessary.

Present advice would be not to have overlapping redirects like that.

Thanks for your answer, @fool. Sorry for not providing the actual URLs. The one in question is I cleaned up the redirect rules a bit and now we’re only having

/  /fr/  302  Language=fr
/* /en/:splat  302

which works quiet well except for the issue I mentioned. I don’t assume you’re able to provide me an ETA when this issue will be fixed? I’m just asking because there is this other issue (Redirect whole site to subfolder (except static assets like CSS/JS)) we’re currently working around and while I really love Netlify I’m starting to have a hard time to justify using Netlify as our hosting platform to my managers :-/