Applying an SSL to a CNAME

My DNS is managed with Netlify. The SSL works on the main domain.

However, I set up a CNAME record called, homeplate which alias’ a different remote server address,

Therefore, this is the desired outcome

Even though there are SSLs applied to, and, there is no SSL being applied to

Is that not possible?

Howdy @djmtype! We only provide SSL certificates for hostnames that we serve - ones that point to our web service specifically. If your remote service needs an SSL certificate, you’ll have to handle that on your own. You too can use lets encrypt for free of course! We just can’t automate and manage it for you.

If on the other hand you want us to handle the browser connections for your remote service, you might consider our reverse proxying service:

Then, the CNAME points to us, and we get an SSL certificate, and connect to your remote service via either method (SSL or not), while connecting to the browser via SSL. However, note that if you do set us up to proxy to a non-secure service via http:// URL’s, that connection is not protected, so shouldn’t be used to send anything sensitive. But, this might allow you to use something like a * type hostname’s existing SSL without managing a certificate for

If I described something other than your config, best to give us real hostnames to examine your setup. If it is possible for SSL to be activated here, happy to help that happen, just need those details.