Another site is already using this domain - Unable to use custom domain

Hello, I’d like to configure the domain for the - Could you please help to authenticate?

I’d be happy to configure domain records for the verification but it seems Netlify doesn’t provide any such guide and, Keep showing an error - ‘Another site is already using this domain.’

Did you use the search before posting? Yes. but not helpful.

Hi, it looks like another site is already using the custom domain which is why Netlify won’t let you use it with your site. You will need to update the nameservers for this domain to point to Netlify before you can use it with their service.

Okay, thanks for responding. Is it mandatory to use Netlify DNS to host a custom domain?

No, it’s not mandatory to use Netlify DNS to use your custom domain with Netlify, although it does provide some nice features such as using their CDN for the apex domain and subdomains, in theory making DNS requests faster.

Thanks. I see another error - A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account.
DNS zones must be unique across Netlify. I’ve verified the DNS ( records but it doesn’t have netlify Name server values.

Is it possible some can help with this first? so that custom domain can be configured too.

OK, it sounds like you might need to need to ask Netlify support to delete the old DNS zone for you. They should be able to confirm.

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YeP, Any specific way to contact them? I’m running the Starter plan thus unable to log a support ticket.
Do they monitor community portal query?

DNS configuration -

Thankful, I was able to configure domain under DNS Page (Registered through an external provider) but still see the message - ‘Another site is already using this domain’. It seems support team help is required.

Hi, @ADMIN-OWASPSEASIDES. Our Netlify support team has sent you an email to communicate while we work to resolve this issue.

​Please let us know if here if you do not receive that email.

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I have updated the DNS txt records based on your guidance as per email, could you pls remove previously configured site? Kindly help to get configured new website too

. Thanks!

HI, @ADMIN-OWASPSEASIDES. We removed the configuration for that domain from the other Netlify site.

Regarding getting the custom domain to point to a site at Netlify, I’ll copy my reply from the email below:

There are two ways to connect a custom domain to a Netlify site.

Netlify DNS means using Netlify as the DNS service provider. The external DNS configuration keeps the DNS resolution with the existing provider - which is normally the domain registrar but not always. Please use whichever you prefer (it is either/or, not both).

Also, if you are moving an existing domain name to Netlify DNS -especially if you have an email service configured for it - please be be sure to copy all existing records to Netlify before changing the name server (NS) records to point to Netlify. There is more about this topic here.

If you are using the external DNS configuration method, the existing DNS records remain active so no records need to be copied.

Please let us know if there are other questions about this and we’ll be happy to answer.

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Thanks @luke I’ve successfully configured the Custom domain using CName records.

I’m getting new error has multiple A records under the https configurations however there is no as such A record configured for a domain.

Can you please help me with further guidance?

Issues has been resolved automatically, thanks!