Another site is already using this domain 2

My client created a domain by mistake when he was only supposed to point a CNAME towards ours. He says he removed it but it still doesn;t allow me to add it.

Domain is and I’m trying to add it to ours:

Hi @ciokan! Welcome to netlify community.

I looked in to this and see that someone (your client, perhaps?) has set up on a site under their account. I believe this is what is preventing you from adding to a site under your account.

All sites using a particular domain need to be on the same account. We do this to protect our customers from other people “squatting” on their subdomains.

Would it be possible to set up all sites using subdomains under the same account? If so, we can help with transferring sites between accounts!

The customer removed the domain from his account but I still can;t add to our alias list: Another site is already using this domain

We do this to protect our customers from other people “squatting” on their subdomains.

Imagine AWS enforcing all kinds of stupid policies to “protect their customers”. We are developers here, stop restricting us or we go to other services. We’re supposed to know what we’re doing and if we don’t, we should pay the price. Don’t forget what business you have and stop going soft on us.

This thing worked. We have a lot of affiliates added this way until someone in your office learned about squatting I suppose and decided they should turn Netlify into yet another Wordpress hosting.

I swear this Netlify started really promising, it’s downhill from here; an overpriced downhill. I’ll wait a bit more to see if we can solve this issue or I’ll have to switch to AWS. Noone cares about squatting there.

Hi ciokan,

of course we don’t like to hear that you aren’t having the experience you’re hoping for, but it is important that you keep language civil and polite to our engineers here as we discuss these issues. Agreed?

The squatting issue is indeed for your protection - many developers who have different experience levels use Netlify, for a large proportion, it is their first experience building websites and deploying to a service such as ours. I understand that this might seem like a restriction for you, but it is a security precaution for many other people who don’t want or don’t know how to deal with squatters on their accounts. It also allows us as Support to work more efficiently by minimizing the amount of times we have to intervene in these issues.

Many services require some form of verification in order to you can use domains or services. As far as this goes we are by far not the most restrictive or unwieldy to work with.

I have made note of your opinion and your complaint, but I do not forsee there being any changes to the way this operates any time soon. If you have additional feedback as to what doesn’t work for you about our services in general, we can see if we can find solutions to issues you are experiencing, OK?

For now, let’s return to the work of getting the underlying issue fixed for this specific situation. You’ll receive an email shortly, and we can work together to fix the problem there.

it is their first experience building websites and deploying to a service such as ours.

After all, we are the ones who filled our readme’s with “deploy to Netlify” badges right?

We’re reaping the benefits I suppose.
Solving this particular instance will not help us much unfortunately. We’re still boarding affiliates and setting up 2 projects for each (landing page and myaccount section). This is a wall that will hit us again as it is in m y interest to gather as much affiliates as I can so yeah, we’ll be considering alternatives as I do not see a solution.