Analytics not showing Unique Visitors anymore

I’m a paying analytics customer, but I have a free Netlify account, which weirdly enough forces me to use the “community” to ask a support question. But I digress…

Analytics for my website is not showing “unique visitors” anymore. Since Dec 26, “unique visitors” is showing 0. “Pageviews” is still going normally (at around 50 daily on average). Both at the same time seems impossible to me.

Anyone know what gives? Is anybody else having the same problem?

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Same here. Seems to have broken sometime Christmas Day (looks like early on). If this is widespread it’s little concerning this hasn’t been noticed yet!

FYI my site is

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Mine started working again yesterday (Dec 30). And now today prev data seem to have been backfilled, so everything looks normal.

Still, weird that A) it happened in the first place, B) didn’t seem to have been acknowledged by Netlify, and C) even as a paying (analytics) customer, there was no way for me to contact support on what was clearly a Netlify issue.

Hi, @zeh and @jakejarvis, there can be issues which cause Analytics data ingest to stop updating (even when the metrics which drive the data are still being collected and historical data is complete).

We do have automations in place to track when this happens but we are also working to fine tune that alerting.

It sounds like both sites’ Analytics data is updating now.

Our support team monitors this community site, and time-sensitive issues can posted to the Admin topic:

I’m looking into our policy regarding Analytics subscribers being allowed to open a support ticket also.

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