Analytics for single-page applications

I’d like to better understand how the Netlify Analytics works with single-page applications. Given it’s sever-side, I can’t imagine that it would correctly capture page navigation as users move through the site.

In my specific case I’m using Gridsome (Vue version of Gatsby).

Can anyone provide further insight into this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

At the moment, Netlify Analytics isn’t really set up for SPAs. As you say, we aren’t capturing navigation events that happen purely on the client-side - we’re strictly collecting server requests only.

But! I have some good news. We are working on a mechanism that’ll allow folks building SPAs to send events to us, so that you can start to track those client-side events for yourself and get a better idea of your activity. So, just keep your eyes peeled for that update. :slight_smile:


Awesome - I look forward to that update.

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