Analytics: Daily stats for Pageviews & Unique visitors

We are now able to access accurate counts of your site’s daily unique visitors, so today we shipped an update to the Analytics UI to show Pageviews and Unique visitors at a daily resolution.

In order to make it clear exactly what time period the data covers, we added the time to the date range shown in the top right corner of each card.

We’ve also simplified the design of the chart labels and added clear ticks for each data point to help you explore the charts more easily.

Along with this change, the statistics shown in the hero card on your Analytics dashboard have been unified. You will now see the total value, instead of an hourly average, of your site’s unique visitors over the specified time period.

For more information on Analytics, visit the docs or join the conversation in the Analytics topic.


Any idea on when we will be able to customize the date range? I actually opened up devtools, saw the API calls, and was able to get it working just fine, but it would be nice if the UI supported it. :wink:


Hi @cfjedimaster! Here’s a bit more insight on the current roadmap from @frances:


@lesliecdubs How early do you save the data?
For example, say
Sept 1 - I created the app site
Oct 1 - I started paying for Analytics

When you eventually allow 30< days, will that show starting from Sept 1 or Oct 1?

Thanks for your work, can’t wait for this feature.

Hi George. Welcome to the Community!

The Analytics dashboard will currently always show data for 30 days in the past.
Once you enable the addon, we will gather data from up to 30 days in the past.
If your site is not 30 days old, values before the creation will be zero.

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