Analytics are not updating

@travisgertz and @lilz, can you tell me your netlify site names please?

to everyone -
We are collecting these individual reports and we’ll have a chance to talk to the analytics team tomorrow about this issue. I know that you are (rightly) annoyed and feeling a little impatient - after all, you want the product to work as expected. We never want you to have this kind of experience.

But because analytics effects thousands and thousands (and thousands, probably) of paying customers, we do need to do the due diligence and talk to the right people and find a solution to this problem for everyone.

We feel sure that we are NOT losing any data, and that this is just an issue with how the data is being displayed. I ask that you give us just a little more time to investigate, and we will get back to you with honesty & accountability when we have more info.

thank you again for your patience, and we are trying our best, promise!

If someone else has the same issue with analytics, please respond here and let me know your netlify site name (not custom domain). thanks.

@perry - totally understand. thanks for replying! here’s my site name: fervent-nobel-fd8382 (I think this is what you’re looking for?) thank you!

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Thanks Perry. My site name is patternreport.

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@perry I have been having issues look this from 02/2020. Maybe the platform team needs some help or you need to bring in the SRE team.

This should not be happening for months.

totally get it, @harrisonbrock. To confirm: the issues you reported initially were resolved, correct?

@perry only for a few days. At times the updates stop for hours on-end. It’s an on going issue.

As a back-end engineer myself I find it crazy the issues has not been fix and not much has been said about it. Because I know that you have a great platform team.

This is also happening on my site, cros-updates

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thanks for letting us know. i’ll add it to the list.

also happens on my site: blogmaximeheckel

Hi @perry, this is also happening for my site

Also happening for moderncss-dot-dev

thanks for that information. We are actively working on this issue, and hope to have an update for you soon.

@perry any update? Also I have never received a refund because of the issues.

can you please tell me the netlify site name, not the custom domain? thanks.

hi harrison, we are actively working on this issue now. I hope to have an update and next steps to resolve soon.

Hi @perry – the site name is mimestream


@perry it’s been 3 months and the issues is getting worst.

If this not fixed by this time next week I will move my site. Three months is to long.

Hi all. Analytics has been broken for over 24 hours now (since i signed up for it) on my site jloh. If it could be added to the list of broken ones that’d be great.

Hi everyone - we have posted a notice here with some updates:

I am going to close this thread (as there are multiple on this issue, it is getting hard to follow) but if you have questions, please let us know on that thread. thank you :pray: