Analytics are not updating

The analytics for my site last updated at 10:00 AM EST today. Is t the service down?

hi @harrisonbrock, what is the netlify site name for this, please? we’ll take a look.


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great, thanks. I’ve passed this back to the analytics team to take a look. At the moment we are not seeing anything systemic with our service, so that’s good. I or someone else from the team will get back to you when we have some insight.

Thank you for the update.

totally. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hi, @harrisonbrock, I show this has been updating successfully for the last several hours. Do you see the same?

It’s updating now. For like 7 hours it did not update at all.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

There can be issues which cause Analytics updates to stop occurring. We do monitor for the issue which we then address and resolve.

The updates stopping do not cause data loss, although the delay itself is clearly not ideal. When updates resume the backlogged data will be there.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

@luke @perry haven’t checked in on my analytics in a while and it appears mine haven’t updated since Feb 13th — am I missing something on my end? Site name is jakejarvis ( Thanks!

It’s not uploading again.

Hi, @jakejarvis and @harrisonbrock. We’re researching this issue now and we’ll share more details as soon as possible. We’ll also issue a credit to each of you for this month of Analytics service.

We’ll update you here again soon.

@luke thanks.

It seems to be doing it again today the last update was at 10:00 AM EST and it’s 11:39 AM EST.

Hi, @jakejarvis and @harrisonbrock, I’m showing data ingest running normally for both sites now. I’ve also issued a credit to each of your accounts for this month’s Analytics (as refunds to the cards on file).

I’m also seeing that the ingestion cycle is running at varying intervals. For example, @harrisonbrock, I believe the Analytics data for that site updated while the post above was being made. I’m confirming how often the updates are run (more precisely than "hourly) and what the known/expected delays for data ingest are. I’ll update this topic again when we have more details.