All netlify deploys getting failed


Ive this site hosted with hugo and netlify cms. When I initially established the site, everything was going fine. But I don’t know why my all the deploys are not working (they seemed to be failing everytime I make changes).

Site is: and Repo is:

Can anyone tell what might things went wrong here?

Hi there, this is what i am seeing:

Is this an old deploy? can you tell us if you are seeing any build errors in your Netlify dashboard and if yes, what they are?

Hi, so basically that was an old deploy. The new ones are regarding the changes I wanted to push to my repo, but surprisingly they are getting failed. Here’s a screenshot from my netlify dashboard:

hi there, you might want to check the more detailed logs to see what is going on. click on the arrow on the right hand side to unfold the log, and see if there is anything in there that is helpful. If you can’t figure it out on your own, please post the error(s) you see here :slight_smile: